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Jobvite Inc. is a San Mateo, California and Indianapolis, Indiana software and recruiting corporation.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management doesn't know how to run a startup. They haven't done it before. You should expect the following: Mistreatment by your boss. Low pay Unstable product. Shiny on top, but unstable underneath. Ask customers about their outages. Too much company politics Burning cash and need another round of funding."

Former Employee - Left Blank On Purpose says

"Old school CEO that doesn't know how to run a SAAS. Uncompetitive salaries. No such thing as "good job" coming from management. They always need a scape goat. Funny how the company promoted itself to help US companies hire during the recession, when the software is developed in Bangalore. High turnover in Bangalore, so software is full of bugs."

Senior Manager (Former Employee) says

"Jobvite has been sold to PE firm, new management took over they have no idea about recruitment SaaS platform. Many employees left the company. I would not recommend the company under new management."


"It was a very fast paces environment. One that I was very accustomed to in working in tech. Great perks, but little for upward mobility. Priorities changed on the drop of a time."

Francis Lee says

"This system makes no sense. For the "Help me" portion, I have to wait on someone to reply back, it doesn't actually help you with anything. There's no notification on when the message comes through. I'm trying to do the "verify information page" and it says I'm missing information. I've filled it ALL out. It doesn't even indicate what's "wrong", it just says fill it out. Overall, pretty crummy system"

Muntaser Hamodi says

"I have technical issue with my virtual interview, six hours waiting after sending the ticket nobody reply, decided to call them on toll-free number, nobody picked the phone, decided to call Quebec number with French and it was invalid number."

James Kahn says

"Horrible navigation. Cannot sign documents and upload. Every document is a pdf and to "go back" you have to X out of the document and re-log in. The documents have a review and sign button but the tasks never disappear or are confirmed as complete."

Steve Jenkins says

"Having used several ATS' for the last 20 years, I rank Jobvite exceedingly poor. Several examples; 1. Given that it is requisition centric, every time a candidate applies, it becomes a new file. Candidate notes from one requisition's conversation DO NOT flow into a common area. 2. You cannot sort effectively on a person's current job title. 3. Poor Boolean search tool. 4. No way to eliminate duplicates from the search results. 5. Jobvite is usually a very slow system. 6. Inadequate reporting tools. 7. Customer service makes lots of promises and very rarely does anything to solve issues. 8. Impossible to parse multiple resumes with Hire. 9. Most expensive (even for their lowest level) I have ever used; and least productive

As a recruiter, I am called upon to find the right people in an efficient fashion; Jobvite hinders this greatly.

I have been on several technical calls; calls where we put up a requisition as an example. Each time I have been severely underwhelmed at their ability to see the issue or help remedy.

I would not recommend Jobvite to any company that needs to be able to search candidates. Jobvite will really only work for those companies that will only need to see a resume the first time it comes in; if you need to search those that have applied in the past, you will not be happy."

Kenny Roberts says

"Jobvite was an innovative company when they first started out, but they haven't innovated their product much since then. Their product lacks mobile features, in depth reporting, and a modernized UI.

However the product is better than a Taleo, SuccessFactors, iCIMS, or Kenexa type product." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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